LeBron James's high school coach says he's 'embraced new role' on team

LeBron James's high school coach says he's 'embraced new role' on team

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - On the night of Game 2 Cavs vs. Raptors, Cleveland 19 News sat down with LeBron James's high school coach to see how much he's grown as a player over the past year.

Coach Dru Joyce believes this is the year for a championship. He says LeBron James has really grown into the leader the Cavs need.

His days of coaching LeBron James at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron are far behind him, but he'll always be invested in LeBron's game.

"Definitely the best group he's been around in Cleveland, everyone's healthy, they're playing well so I'm excited," Joyce said.

Over the last year, he says LeBron has embraced a new role.

"He's not one of the young guys, he's the senior guy with the most experience and he understands that even though they got there last year, they didn't get it done. They had some injuries, but he still needs to bring the other guys, Kevin and Kyrie along to help them understand exactly what it means to be at this stage and what is going to take to finish the process," he said.

In some ways though, Joyce says LeBron's game hasn't changed much.

"I think LeBron has always been the kind of player that understands the game is five on five and the more the guys believe in themselves and each other, the better they're going to play," he said.

It can be hard to watch the game through a coach's eyes, so right now Joyce says he's just a Cavs fan hoping this is LeBron's year.

"Coming back here, home, and winning an NBA world championship, what better ending, what better final chapter could you ever write," he said.

Joyce says they stay in touch and he hopes to be cheering for James in the NBA Finals.

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