4 home security mistakes you’re making

According to popular home security websites these are the 4 home security habits you should break right now

1. Leaving Your Lights stagnant

According to an interview, a sheriff with Seminole County Sheriff's Office, lights are one of the biggest decision makers for whether or not a burglar would choose to target your home.

2. Not breaking down boxes

Your Amazon order could be leading criminals straight to your front door.  Shredding the shipping label will protect your personal information

3. Opening the door to strangers


Reports claim that the majority of front door robberies happen when a home owner answers their door for a stranger who quickly takes the opportunity to force their way in the moment the door was unlocked.

4. Announcing Where You Are / Will Be On Social Media

Many times people forget when sharing your location or vacation plans on social media you're also telling the world, "I'm not home!" or "I won't be home next week!"

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