Litter gives Cleveland an ugly front door to visitors

Litter gives Cleveland an ugly front door to visitors

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland is going all out to put on its best face for the Republican convention this summer, but is trash along our highways giving that face a black eye? We checked routes cleaned by ODOT 17 days ago, and again today. The results may surprise you. Or maybe not.

You name it, you can probably find it on the side of any local interstate highway. Some heavy, dangerous objects like tires, and some is simply dirt,
grime and winter leftovers. All of it is an ugly front door to visitors.

So what is being done? We conducted an experiment, criss-crossing area highways looking for litter.

We shot video on May 3 on I-90 near E. 152nd St and saw a white object in the median, then a cardboard box. Friday, 17 days later the same white object hadn't been picked up. It seems the cardboard box blew away. On the way east to 271 we also passed two rotting deer carcasses. In Bratenahl again in the median were orange cones in various states of disrepair from being struck. That was true May 3, and today. The same cones in roughly the same spot.

I-271 was relatively clean, as was much of 422. I-480 was clean, but we quickly found out why. ODOT crews have been sweeping it for several days. Next they'll hit the Jennings Freeway, before moving on to I-90 where a clean up is sadly needed.

Is ODOT creating more work for itself by not investing in more sweepers? Much of the smaller debris washes into the highway drainage system and must be cleared with a vacuum truck that is both labor intensive, and requires a lane closure. ODOT says if you see a dangerous item, call and they'll come get it.

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