Better Business Bureau warns about RNC scams

Better Business Bureau warns about RNC scams

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They say if it's too good to be true it probably is and with less than two months to the RNC, the Better Business Bureau is warning people about scams including an ad searching to find a model as "Ms. Cleveland."

The Craigslist ad was posted 28 days ago.

"Seeking a select collection of hot females to appear in promotions including the republication convention. For high income," the author posted.

"He wanted a girl to be the face of Cleveland. It's something I'm always curious about so why not send a submission," said Trudy, a woman who applied to the listing.

A man who identified himself as former Browns player Larry Benz, and an entertainment lawyer told Trudy he had hosted events with models in other cities like Nashville, but when she searched those events she saw warnings online from people calling the events rip-offs.

"There was a post and it said that this guy will rob you and take all your money," said Trudy.

Cleveland 19 searched the email address and phone number that directs to a website called "Cleveland Kid Production" website.

The search also showed search boards asking if the production company was legitimate. The posts dated back to 2010.

"I would have to imagine at some point if this is not a legitimate pageant, it's some kind of money-making opportunity for someone," said Sue McConnell.

McConnell is the president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau.

McConnell told me the Bureau is concerned about cons using the RNC as a ploy. She warns people to stay vigilant.

"We've been advising consumers that if they see any kind of promotion or offer using the name of the Republican National Convention you should be really skeptical and do your research," said McConnell.

Although she didn't lose any money, "Trudy" is thankful her instincts kicked in.

"I'm hoping that I stop it before someone ends up hurt or in a bad situation," she said.

Cleveland 19 reached out to the author of the post but heard no response. The ad has also been deleted from Craigslist.

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