Mark Schwab's five things to watch in Game 3

Mark Schwab's five things to watch in Game 3

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Five things to file away from Game 3 in Toronto...
1. Kyle Lowry. He was on my list for Game 2, he's moved up to the top seed for this one. Is he ever going to show up? He stormed off the court when he shouldn't have in the last game which never looks good. Why not just hold up a sign saying "they're in my head." If Lowry cannot get it going, the Raptors are going to keep getting embarrassed.

2. Toronto's post presence. Another repeat from the Game 2 watch list because the Raptors haven't had done anything down low all series. In their defense, excuse me, defence (Game 3 is in Canada after all) Valanciunas is still hurt. If they could get something going down there, it might help slow the Cavaliers down.

3. The first half. The first two quarters are critical to me because I want to see if the Cavs can get Toronto to tap out, both the team and the fans. If they're down double-digits early, the faithful will have nothing to get crazy about. Keep them low energy. The Raptors have looked like they're sleep walking at times, and putting a beating on them only can only add to that act.

4. Tristan Thompson. I just want to know if he takes it up another notch in his homeland.

5. Cavaliers defense. Not whether or not they'll play D, but when do they decide to really turn the heat up. It started in Game 2 in the final few minutes of the first half. For the last 3:43 of the second quarter, the Cavs clamped down on Toronto. They held them to 0-9 from the floor and outscored them 16-2. They continued that into the third quarter and ran away with it.

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