Teen girl attacked in Cleveland near her home

Teen girl attacked in Cleveland near her home

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 13-year-old Cleveland girl attacked while talking her dog just three houses down from her own home.

Jasmine Mitchell described the attack, saying it came out of nowhere as she walked her dog Lucky Thursday night around 9:30 on Herman Avenue in Cleveland.

Our Scott Taylor at the sight of the attack asked "So he comes through the gate. You back up. Drop the leash and he grabs you right there?"

Jasmine Mitchell says "Yes. He is holding on and he lets go of my hair.  He ends up grabbing and choking me with it."

She first spotted the man standing near the corner of her block. She felt uneasy and quickly walked by the man and went around the corner but she cut through an alley to get back home.

The man cut her off at a gate and attacked.

Jasmine Mitchell said "I thought he was going to kill me."

Lucky took off and she was able to pull away and run for home. Her attacker took off. Her cell phone cracked during the struggle and she lost her necklace.

A police report has been filed. We asked for a copy, but so far it's not available.

Jasmine talked to our Scott Taylor to warn others in the neighborhood.

"The guy is out here right now," Jasmine said. "If you're walking, he could do the same thing to you. He could grab you. He could kill somebody."

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