Cops look for answers in the disappearance then discovery of 6-year-old girl

Cops look for answers in the disappearance then discovery of 6-year-old girl
Nevaeh Wylie missing.(Source: Cleveland Police)
Nevaeh Wylie missing.(Source: Cleveland Police)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police said they will continue investigating, conducting interviews and reviewing surveillance video in the disappearance of six-year-old Neveah Wiley.

Wiley's grandmother told police Nevaeh was last seen inside her home at 3032 West 140th St. at 6 a.m., but didn't report her missing until 3 p.m., Saturday afternoon.

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday, Neveah was found at a home on Lyric, about 30 blocks away from where she was last seen.  Police say, Nevaeh had been dropped off in the area of W. 140th Street and Lyric and rang the doorbell at the home on Lyric.  Investigators said the people inside the home called police.

Sunday morning, a Cleveland police officer appeared to be on patrol outside the grandmother's home.

Miracle Wolford said someone took her sister from inside her grandmother's house.

"The cops will not leave our street until they find the man because we feel like he's done it, and he knows that she has gone and told people, and now they know where we live at, that he is going to come back and do more. So, we are all on a watch," said Wolford.

Nevaeh told her family she was taken to a house where there were a lot of people.

"She says he came in, and he grabbed her, and he says, 'shut up,' and he held her mouth, and he got in the truck with her. She told us this whole story. And, he got in the truck, and he told her to lay down on the dashboard. She says there was a whole bunch of people in the house, so he had to sneak her to his room," added Wolford.

What happened after that, police, said is still under investigation.

"He dropped her off, and he said, take your braids out because everyone knows your hair. So, she saw the first house with a light on. They gave her some food. She said she was hungry. She hadn't eaten or drank. She had bruises everywhere. So, they called police," said Wolford.

Nevaeh was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Her sister said she is still recovering at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital.

Wolford said Nevaeh just graduated from kindergarten on Friday.

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