Let's get physical! Cavs prepare to attack more in Game 4

Let's get physical! Cavs prepare to attack more in Game 4

Toronto, Ontario - Getting hacked on his way to the hoop is nothing new to LeBron James. He's been bigger, stronger, faster and more talented than his opponents for a very long time, and officials have historically let a lot of things go when James gets hit.

However, the Toronto Raptors have taken it up a notch as they desperately try to get back into this series, and the question we posed to LeBron Sunday was, will they take the abuse level even higher?

"I don't know", James told us at the team hotel on Sunday. "That's a question for the opponent."

Well, we know what Raptors coach Dwane Casey's answer would be. He's publicly complained that his team isn't getting enough calls. But James typically takes the most punishment. Will there come a time when he starts protecting himself?

"I don't get involved in it too much", James said. "I just let the refs call the game. I can't let it affect my focus."

His head coach agrees. 

"I wouldn't say protect yourself", Tyronn Lue told reporters. "I would just continue to play hard, attack the basket and let the refs call the game. I wouldn't 'rough' it up."

No, leave that up to the Raptors. But expect the Cavaliers to take their physicality up a level on Monday night.

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