Carl Monday: Home security vulnerable to cyber attack

Prevent someone from hacking into your home security system

SOUTH RUSSELL, OH (WOIO) - It happens in neighborhoods across America every 13 seconds.  Two million break-ins a year.  Two of every three occur at someone's home.

So what can you do to protect your home and property?

Chief Investigator Carl Monday explored some of the solutions that could make you and your home safer.

Monday met up with South Russell Police Officer Michael Kramer who is conducting security assessments for residents of the village.  The goal is to provide practical advice on how to make your home more secure against would-be thieves and more visible for first responders.

Kramer admits there is nothing that can guarantee your house will be 100 percent secure.  However, he did say there are many ways you can make your home less appealing to burglars.  One is to have a security system.

"Home security systems, not only do they alert you that there's a problem, but they alert the company and then police and get first responders en route probably more quickly than otherwise," Kramer said.

But even the best security systems can be vulnerable.  Monday and his team met with security consultants from Secure State, a local cyber security company.  With the permission of the homeowner, they were able to hack into the system and unlock the door from a cell phone.

They suggest homeowners with systems connected to WI-fi use a more sophisticated password, or simply, turn off the WI-fi.  Carl Monday is getting answers for homeowners concerned with their security and will have his full report Monday night at 11 p.m. on Cleveland 19 News.

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