Basketball as music therapy at Bridges Learning Center in Akron

Akron school uses basketball & music to help kids learn

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Kids at the Bridges Learning Center/BLC in Akron are 'All In' when it comes to the Cavs.

They got to play games and learn how to be a team while supporting the Cavs.

The Q is not the only place filled with excitement, basketball and music. So is the gym at BLC.

Edie Hardin is the Bridges Learning Center's music therapist.

"We're working together to learn and succeed and that's what we hope to achieve today," Edie Hardin.

Another teacher while interacting with the children asked some trivia.

"Who was the first Cavalier to win MVP, which stands for Most Valuable Player?" asked a teacher.

"LeBron James!" yelled a student.

Another an observation from Edie Hardin, "Kids are being asked about the Cavs team, about basketball in general and also being asked to do dome math by adding the numbers on LeBron's jersey or multiplying those."

Marc Lambdin, the physical therapist of BLC says, "When they come see me it's about developing skills and getting them active, healthy but also there's a social aspect, too."

Having fun and learning team-work, that's a good day at school.

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