Tony Z's First Half Thoughts: Cavs vs. Raptors, game 4

Tony Z's First Half Thoughts: Cavs vs. Raptors, game 4

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - *LeBron's stance that 'we're not a 3-pt shooting team' rang hollow during the Atlanta series, because the Cavaliers were raining treys and setting records, but here in Toronto, they've gone colder than an iced LaBatts. They finished the first half 3 of 22 from the arc. That's less than 14% from 3-pt land.

*I'm torn, because I'm reading a lot of tweets calling for 'em to just work the ball inside instead, but the Cavaliers are getting great looks off good ball movement, they're just not hitting, and are trying to shoot their way through the dry spell.

*After insisting they'd bring it better tonight, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love got off to a horrible start, going 1-for-7 collectively early in the first quarter. At halftime they're a combined 7 of 18, and only because Irving (11pts) is 5 of 10. Love is 2 of 8, with 5 points. Brutal.

*I asked LeBron this morning if he was still confident that this series belongs to them, and he told me he's always confident about that. I believe him. But he's just not getting a lot of help the past two games. James tried to get Irving and Love going early. Maybe that was his "game plan" that he talked about this morning.

*Kyle Lowry has come alive. After being a non-factor through the first two games of this series, he was better in Game 3, and has 20 at the half here in Game 4. Lowry hit a deep "3" to put 'em up by 11, another deep "3" to put 'em up by 11 again, and then another trey to push the lead to 16.

*It's not like the Cavs aren't getting calls tonight. They weren't whistled for a foul until the 8:56 mark of the second quarter, and have only 4 team fouls to the Raptors' 9.

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