Tony Z. on big surprises in Game 4, Schwab's final thoughts

Tony Z. on big surprises in Game 4, Schwab's final thoughts

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - So, for all of you that wanted some adversity on the way to the Finals, are you happy now? You have been handed a nice hot, fresh plate of it. Eat up.

The Cavaliers should still be considered the favorite in what has become a three game series, two of them are in Cleveland, but it sure has gotten a lot more difficult. Toronto has momentum, and at this point they might even be healthier.
Kevin Love tweaked what appeared to be an ankle and he never returned. Meanwhile, Jonas Valanciunas seems to be close to returning from his tweaked ankle.

Game 4 was a thriller, no doubt. But the Cavaliers needed to win it. They obviously could not keep up the torrid pace of hitting their first 11 shots of the fourth quarter, but they needed to find some way to close it out. Not allowing Patterson and Biyombo to gather critical, game-clinching offensive rebounds would've been one way to do it. Get just one of those and those closing moments are very different. They still could've gone Toronto's way, but it sure made their way easier by getting both.

You would think the Cavaliers would not start as cold in Game 5 as they did in 4, you would think. You would think that Lowry and DeRozan would not combine to score 67 points again, you would think.
Let's hope we are all smart thinkers.

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