'K-Love has to be a factor'; 5 things to watch in Game 5 Cavs vs Raptors

Lue: 'We have to get stops' in Wednesday night's Cavs vs Raptors game

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Before Game 5 on Wednesday in Cleveland, Sports Director Tony Zarrella and Mark Schwab brings you five things to watch as the Cavs return home against the Raptors. 

1. It’s extremely obvious, but it has to be stated. The Cavs have to get makes, not just takes. They have to make open shots. It is just that simple.

2. We need an APB on Kevin Love. This may not be a concern for Game 5 because it's in Cleveland, which is the last place we've seen him show up to a game. He seems to have taken the invisibility cloak that Lowry was using for the first two games and put it on for the last two.

3. Stop Bismack Biyombo. He has 40 rebounds in his last two games. 40. That is absurd. Put a body on him. Heck, put two. Drag him down by the arm. Do something. He is not Bill Russell for crying out loud, he's Bismack Biyombo. Go small, go extra big, go somewhere, just don't go where you've been the last two games.

4. Can the B-team plus LeBron keep it going? This unit was critical in bringing them back in Game 4. LeBron on the elbow was a key facilitator and Frye made threes. Should LeBron shoot more with this unit? Not if he doesn't need to, and on Monday night he didn't. He was the engine that drove that unit without being the guy that had to score every trip down.

5. Start fast. At the very least, don't start slow. Stop being down by 15 points in the second quarter. This seems like a reasonable request to me.

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