Amanda Berry, family Rock One Sock to support search for missing

Amanda Berry, family Rock One Sock to support search for missing

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Amanda Berry and her family Rock One Sock.

"She doesn't want the focus just on her anymore. She wants to help others," said Beth Serrano, Amanda's sister.

When Amanda vanished, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children helped her family. So now Serrano, along with her friends and family are joining the center's public awareness campaign. It's called the Rock One Sock Challenge.

"If you lose one sock but put both in the dryer, you hang on to one sock," said Serrano.

The idea is by wearing just one sock, others will notice that one is missing, symbolizing the missing and the fact that so many have yet to come home for a reunion that Amanda and her sister hope others will get to experience.

"It was the best feeling I could ever explain. I can't even explain it in words how it felt," said Serrano.

By ditching a sock and wearing just one -- their friend, Caitlyn Milan, got a lot of questions at school.

"I tell them what it means and I tell them that they should do it too," said Milan.

The principal of Garrett Morgan invited the whole student body to join in tomorrow on National Missing Children's day.

Amanda was last seen at 2:00 p.m. on May 25, the day she disappeared, and became the place where the community held yearly vigils.

"It'll be sad because I know there's a lot of missing children out there and families that miss them, but also a precious moment for me because she'll be right there next to me," said Serrano.

Next to them, also rocking one sock will be Gina DeJesus and her family.

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