Cleveland 19 News Reporter Sia Nyorkor featured in Eloquii "Style & Substance" issue

Sia Nyorkor lands magazine spread

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Let me tell you, it's not so easy to be a "Cover Girl."  Modeling is tough work!

Earlier this year, Eloquii, a plus-size clothing company based in Columbus, OH & New York City, asked to feature me on the website.

I remember my mouth falling open, thinking, "me, model?"

Yes, me!

So last month, I flew to New York City where designers had me model more than a dozen outfits.  There were stylists. There was hair & make-up. And of course, a photographer who snapped me in more than a thousand poses.  It was an exhilarating experience, one I'm still pinching myself about.

You see, I am actually a long-time Eloquii customer.  As a full-figured woman working in television news, it is a challenge to find clothing that fits well.  But plus-sized clothing has evolved over the years and Eloquii is one of the reasons for that.  The clothes are affordable, fashionable and fun, designed by talented people who keep up with the trends.

I'm humbled and honored to be profiled in this issue of Style & Substance.  Every month it features a customer showcasing her unique sense of style and personal accomplishments. I hope that other full-figured women read my story and are inspired to be their best selves.

As always, thanks for watching!

Sia aka @TVNewsLady

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