Carl Monday helps mom with suspected Instagram predator

Carl Monday investigates an Instagram predator
Jami Jones. (Source: WOIO)
Jami Jones. (Source: WOIO)

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Jamice Jones is 12 years old. For the past seven months, someone's been posing as her on social media.

"I was afraid for her. Cause I didn't know what state of mind this guy was in, or how far he was going to take his actions," said her mother, Jami Jones.

That guy is a 41-year-old man we call Marvin. We're concealing his true identity at this time. When he's not posting family photos on Facebook, Jami Jones says Marvin was wooing her daughter on Instagram.

"First he started sending her I love you pictures," Jami Jones said. "And then it went from there to the sexual stuff."

What Marvin didn't know is that he was now exchanging messages with the mom, not her 12-year-old daughter. Jami did what any good mom would do: She went to the police.

"The officer I talked to told me to de-activate my account. Nothing they could do,"  Jones said. Garfield Heights Police say they referred the case to the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  But Jami says no one from B.C.I. ever contacted her, so she went to the F.B.I.

"They pretty much acted like they weren't interested," Jami Jones said. "They took my information down, and that was it."

Last December, Jami did meet with members of ICAC, The Internet Crimes Against Children, unit who opened its own investigation. And, like Jami, began posing as a 12-year-old girl. But soon after ICAC began communicating with Marvin, he quickly fell off the map. Weeks later, Marvin resurfaced on Instagram. But when ICAC didn't respond, Jami says she did. Again, posing as her young daughter. It didn't take long for Marvin to step up his game.

"He started sending pictures of pornographic videos," Jami Jones said. "Then he got bold, and started sending pictures of his privates."

Jami says ICAC did respond initially. But for the next five weeks, she says there was no contact between ICAC and Marvin, even though ICAC had full control of the Instagram account and could monitor at any time. Frustrated, she called Cleveland 19 News Chief Investigator Carl Monday.

Meanwhile, Marvin continued to send messages like this one: "Boo, my insides are on fire with passion, to give you the pure ecstacy your body needs."

On March 7, losing patience, the mom called ICAC, demanding to know what's going on with the case. ICAC responded, warning Jami to quit messaging Marvin, that "suggestions you are making are extremely close to entrapment."  While saying this was "still an open case," ICAC told Jami that "due to inactivity from (Marvin) the case is idle."

But Marvin was still on Instagram, baiting the 12-year-old girl, while assuring her, "I am not a monster."

"He says he's not a monster," Jami Jones said. "But in reality, he is a monster."

In the days leading up, Marvin pleads with the teen to meet up with him.  "Pleeeez, I can't wait.  I'm so happy now."

He suggested meeting at a gas station. But Jami, the mom, suggests the Drug Mart in Euclid. Hours before, she tipped Monday off about the scheduled meetup with Marvin.  At 2:06 on the 13th, Marvin showed up to the predetermined location. Video shot by Monday's crews show him sitting in the car, waiting for a 12-year-old girl to arrive to fulfill his fantasies.

Carl Monday then approached the car to speak with Marvin.

"You meeting someone?" asked Monday.

After showing Marvin a photo of himself from Instagram, he quickly pulls out and hits the gas, peeling out of the parking lot.  Within minutes,
Marvin is gone and so is his presence on Instagram. He closed his account.

Since then, Marvin's been lying low. And for good reason. Pursuing an underage girl is not a good move for someone with a criminal record. Marvin was previously convicted of his role in an armed robbery and pleaded guilty to assault.

Monday took this information to the Euclid Police Department, a few streets away. A Euclid Police officer responded, "Certainly looking forward to looking into this matter through the detective bureau, and I will forward him that information."

Days later, Jami Jones also stopped by the Euclid Police Department to file a formal complaint. Euclid Police reviewed surveillance video from Drug Mart, and contacted ICAC. Hopefully, finally, moving the case forward.

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