Pediatrician not surprised that 6-year-old kidnapping victim recalls so much

Pediatrician not surprised that 6-year-old kidnapping victim recalls so much

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Dr. Lolita McDavid, a medical director and pediatrician at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, says she was not surprised to hear the great detail the 6-year-old girl who was kidnapped from her mother's home on Saturday was able to give police.

"Children are much more observant and aware than I think people give them credit for," said McDavid. "I don't know this little girl; so I don't know what her background is.  Is she a kid who reads a lot? Who sees a lot? But, I was impressed with the amount of detail that I heard -- just through the media -- that she has relayed to authorities."

In the hours after she was found physically safe, the 6-year-old began to talk to investigators about her experience.

"It breaks my heart to think of what this young girl went through while she was away from her family," said Commander James McPike of the Cleveland Police Department.

Investigators are not releasing any information about what happened to the little girl during the close to 24 hours that she was gone.

Detectives were able to get details about the man who is seen on surveillance tape carrying the little girl to a vehicle near the corner of West 104th and Western Avenue.

The little girl described the wall inside the bedroom where she was being kept as having some kind of wall hanging that had a moose or a deer on it as well as grass and trees. The house itself was brick with a white door and black front porch railings.

There were two people home at the time. The woman was cooking and knocked on the door to ask the girl's abductor if he wanted to eat.

Dr. McDavid says there is a specific way this little girl would have been interviewed by investigators.

"You don't keep re-interviewing them. You take their story, and then you may go back and then get some of the details. But, children, at six, should be able to give you good details especially a child who has had a school experience," added McDavid.

The 6-year-old girl had just graduated kindergarten the day before she was kidnapped. The length of time that her abductor kept her would help her recall specifics.

"Remember this child was missing for a while. So, she had a time to sit and see where she was and observe her circumstances and be able to recall them," McDavid said.

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