Vendors showcase work to potential RNC clients

Vendors showcase work to potential RNC clients
Vendors stand next to their products as potential clients come by to view them Thursday. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - While you can sense the excitement building for the big RNC all over the city, inside The Q it was pretty exciting Thursday too with Hospitality Vendor Day underway. It's where the four catering and six floral vendors had a chance to showcase their work for potential clients who will be hosting events and guests at The Q during the convention.

Kim and Jimmy Gibson, the owners of "Hungry Bee," are honored by the opportunity.

"We see it as, you know, this is our moment now," Kim said. "This is why we work so hard."

The convention deputy press secretary Dave O'Neil is pleased with all of the chosen vendors, saying it was tough to narrow it down to them, but, that even makes it more of an honor for those who are taking the stage at The Q.

"It smells delicious, so I feel like they did a great job preparing," O'Neil said. "And just from the looks on the faces of the potential clients, they look very satisfied thus far."

Cloud Florist, a family-owned business, has been around Cleveland for over 100 years, says Grace Cloud. She is the third generation to work in the business and feels like this opportunity will be huge for her family.

"It was like almost like a dream come true," Cloud said. "We are an older business -- we've been around for a long time and we've always been in the community. Now we really get a chance to showcase our work and show what we can do."

While the vendors have plenty of their own ideas to show off, they say they're also excited to be handed different ideas to try their hand at. Part of what it took to get here was to prove not only that they do quality work, but they can do it in huge quantities, too.

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