Dozens of animals need adopted in APL 'emergency'

Dozens of animals need adopted in APL 'emergency'
Dogs like this one are available for adoption at the APL. (Source: WOIO)
Dogs like this one are available for adoption at the APL. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They're calling it an emergency situation.

Dozens of dogs and cats at the Animal Protective League in desperate need of adoption and a foster home. On top of those animals nearly 25 pets seized during a humane investigation after their owners left them in unsafe conditions. APL's Ayse Dunlap says those cases make it tougher to take other animals in.

"It overwhelms the system. We do a very good job of caring for them, but when we can't move them through our process and make them available for adoption it slows everything down," said Ayse Dunlap.

Lauren Kutz is back at the shelter again after adopting a cat a year ago. She recently lost her father, who was a pet lover and wants to do something to help after hearing about the APL's need.

Lauren is looking into fostering or making an animal a permanent part of her family.

"Of course I love animals," Kutz said. "I was raised by my mom and my dad that loved animals too, and they truly treat them like a family member."

Lauren hopes others hear the call for help. A call the community can help answer, by emptying out these cages and opening up their homes to an animal in need.

"We should take part in this if we have the ability to adopt an animal we should," Kutz said.

The adoption fees will be lowered during this emergency crisis. Fore more information, visit the Cleveland APL's website.

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