Medical marijuana could soon be a real thing in Ohio

How will Ohio regulate medical marijuana?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Quick approval wasn't a sure think, but Ohio lawmakers pushed through a proposed law that will legalize the limited use of medical marijuana. State Representative Steven Huffman sponsored the bill and happens to be a doctor, too.

"We had a couple of parents who testified before us who said my child has 100 to 200 seizures a day. Since being on medical marijuana in a research study it's down to 5 and the quality of life for the child is strongly increased," Huffman said. 

The proposed law is now in front of Ohio Governor John Kasich but it has limitations.

- It prohibits smoking

-You can't grow it at home

-Your boss can still fire or discipline you if you test positive and you are a medical marijuana registered user

Some lawmakers opposed the idea saying the 20 health conditions covered is too broad and the feds still say marijuana is illegal.

The positives?

-Patients can use marijuana in vapor, oil, a patch, and edibles if prescribed by a doctor.

-It creates program to help vets and patients who can't afford it.

-There is legal protection for caregivers and parents who possess it.

How will state regulate?

"We're going to develop the Marijuana Control Commission who will make rules on how to grow it. How to distribute it. How to test for it and how to manufacturer it," Huffman said.

Legalizing marijuana appeared on the ballot in November and failed. That measure also included the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.  The governor has ten days to decide on this measure.

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