New Report: Your sunscreen may not be protecting you

New Report: Your sunscreen may not be protecting you
Sunscreen protection. (Source: AP)
Sunscreen protection. (Source: AP)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new study done by "Consumer Reports," says you may not be getting the protection you need or think you are getting from your sunscreen.

Forty percent, or almost half of the brands "Consumer Reports," tested did not live up to their SPF protection claims.  In fact, two of the products that claimed to have an SPF of 50, had only an eight, according to the study.  Those sunscreens were Banana Boat Kids Tear-Free, Sting-Free Lotion, SPF 50, and CVS Kids Sun Lotion, SPF 50.

Company reps denied that their products contained less than the advertised amount of SPF.

"I was not expecting something labeled as fifty to perform as eight. That was a really drastic drop from the labeled SPF," said Dr. Elma Baron, a Dermatologist for University Hospitals Case Medical Center.

Doctors say you should make sure you have a broad spectrum sunscreen, and follow the directions on the product to the letter - apply the sunscreen as many times as it says you need to.

"Reapplying as recommended, which often times is every two hours because none of these really last on your skin forever. So, reapplication is very important," added Dr. Baron.

How do you protect yourself just in case your sunscreen is falling short?

Experts recommend buying the highest SPF possible.

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