Tragedy hits east side family, twice in 1 year

Tragedy hits east side family, twice in 1 year

CLEVELAND (AP) - Another innocent life was lost to gun violence over the weekend. This time, a 20-year-old man was found shot in an east side driveway and his family is still recovering from another recent murder.

Edward Martin was with other family members Friday evening for a get together at a house on Kenmore Avenue, when he stepped out, on a call. That call might be key to solving his murder.

"He was like I'll be back. We all heard a gun shot. I heard 'help me, help me' right after that," his sister, Tamesha Jones said.

She was among those who went out to see who needed help, only to find out it was Edward.

He was pronounced dead before he made it to the hospital. Shot three times.

Sadly, this family is no stranger to violent tragedy. Another brother, Dontez Curlee was beaten to death less than six months ago.

Tamesha tells me Edward was a responsible kid who was not into gangs, guns or drugs. She said he focused on work and football to stay out of trouble. But trouble still found him.

"He takes care of everybody in the family, looks after his nephews. I just want to know why would you gun him down like that?" she asked.

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