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Manuta Couple making rocking horses memorializing fallen soldiers

Patriotic Ponies (Source: WOIO) Patriotic Ponies (Source: WOIO)
Manuta Couple making rocking horses memorializing fallen soldiers. (Source: WOIO) Manuta Couple making rocking horses memorializing fallen soldiers. (Source: WOIO)
Patriotic Pony (Source: WOIO) Patriotic Pony (Source: WOIO)
Pony engraved (Source: WOIO) Pony engraved (Source: WOIO)

Scott and Trish Snyder, the founder's of Hero's Rock, an organization that usually handcrafts rocking horses for the children of those lost in the line of duty, are in the middle of a new project where they are building rocking horses that memorialize fallen soldiers. 

They will make a total of 27 "Patriotic Ponies," that will be delivered to Fisher Houses around the country.  Fisher Houses provide a place to stay for military families while a loved one receives medical care. 

The Snyder's are calling their delivery of the "Patriotic Ponies," their "Hero's Rock Thank You Tour."


"It's a chance for us to say thank you to our military and their families, a chance to honor our fallen and show that we promise to never forget and hopefully spread a little love," said Trish Snyder.

"On this tour, not only are we delivering the patriotic ponies, but we are going to hold thank you rallies along the way just to bring people together and say, 'Thank you,'" added Scott Snyder. 

Each of the ponies features a picture of a fallen soldier and will include a booklet that tells the story of that serviceman or woman. 

There are hand prints on the ponies that come from family members of the fallen and other supporters of "Hero's Rock."

The first "patriotic pony" the couple completed memorializes Specialist Adam Hamilton.

"He's basically our hometown hero. His mother lives right in town. His father has a business in town," said Scott Snyder, "He was killed on May 28th 2011 - five years ago yesterday is his 'angelversary,'" said Scott Snyder.

Each pony costs an estimated $1,000 to handcraft. The Snyder's say they are thousands short of the $19,000 they need to complete the first 19 ponies for the Fisher Houses along the western leg of their tour. 

The Snyder's say they will be leaving for their trip on August 31. Their first scheduled stop is at a Fisher House in Hines, Illinois on September 1.  

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