Lorain going after eyesores in the city

Lorain going after eyesores in the city

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - The City of Lorain is in attack mode. The target? Properties that officials believe are a mess.

A new ordinance introduced by Ward 7 Councilman Joe Faga hopes to push property owners to address issues like what has been witnessed at several spots across the city.

Councilman Angel Arroyo agreed something needs to change and said "It's not happening anymore. We are taking a stand and we are going to make sure everyone is prosecuted so they don't take advantage of the people of this community anymore."

JB Acquisitions is currently one property that has been cited under current city ordinances. The Lorain Fire Department is requesting owner Josef Burda to remove junk on this property and inside his large building that the Fire Department calls an indoor junk yard.

Burda has 30 days to clean up or face a $1,000 fine.

Burda tells me he is aware of the city's concerns and is working on fully cooperating with officials.

Another property that has been targeted by the city belongs to Daniel Esterle, with several lawn mowers, a boat and a van on the front yard.

The owner has already served 15 days in jail, but said he isn't changing a thing because Esterle said his back yard is flooded due to drainage issues he believes the city created all along his street in the late 1980s.

Some on City Council believe a new ordinance passed will help prevent the next property turning into an eyesore.

"The problem is they have gotten away with it so long now it's become a hazardous issue to our community," Councilman Arroyo said.

The proposed ordinance is still being discussed in City Council.

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