Easier drop-off, more food at Hopkins Airport with renovations

Easier drop-off, more food at Hopkins Airport with renovations

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It began with a before and after slide presentation of the the work, all of it in the terminal, its facade, and the red and blue parking lots.

Members of council's aviation committee were told the work at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will be done in time for the Republican National Convention. But the scope of the project was more effectively taken in after committee members donned hard hats and took a tour.

What had been bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling and plywood blockades of work areas is starting to look like a modern airport. Along with departure and
arrival signs everywhere (so you won't have to go looking), there are more food choices and a more spacious lobby, explained airport engineer Hugh Holley.

"The ceiling is a lot more decorative than it was before a lot sleeker, modern look than we had before," Holley said.

The final partition will come down next week.

"On time, on budget and we're very pleased we'll be done," Interim Airport Director Fred Szabo commented.

The motivation for the upgrades at the airport came from four different areas: Customer feedback, energy efficiency, the previously dated look of the airport, and the upcoming RNC.

"This is a big event for Cleveland -- we wanted to put our best foot forward," Szabo said. "We've been planning for this a long time."

The changes outside should make it much easier to be d ropped off, catch a cab, or get to the car rental area. Its look may be the most obvious change. As for the RNC, streamlining the passenger screening process may be the most important change.

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