Mayor Frank Jackson leading push to beautify Cleveland before RNC

Mayor Frank Jackson leading push to beautify Cleveland before RNC

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mayor Frank Jackson is still pushing to make his city a thing of beauty.

He said that planting flower, shrubs and trees will added to the positive perception of Cleveland.

"Good for the city of Cleveland, not only for today, for this convention, but position us for the future," Mayor Jackson said.

Mayor Jackson stood in a beautified Willard Park next to city hall with corporate leaders talking about making the city more appealing to those coming to town and for those of us who live here too.

Joe Marinucci, executive director of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and the mayor are on the same page.

"On a long term basis it's an economic development strategy," Marinucci said.

Marinucci also says there are going to be 250 planters downtown filled with pretty flowers. From the stage, the CEO of Scott's Miracle Grow, an Ohio-based company, pledged another 50 more planters to help spruce up Cleveland. Marinucci likes what he heard.

"If the community feels good about downtown, if people are visiting and feel good about downtown in terms of their experience that generates into more investment and ultimately more jobs for Clevelanders," he said.

The unofficial start of summer is here our landscape has rarely looked better thanks in parts to Petitti's Garden Center and Sherwin Williams, both located in Greater Cleveland.

Tom McNair, the executive director at Ohio City, Inc. says more than 30 volunteers planted over 1,200 flowers and other plants at Shaker Square, in Ohio City at The Market Square Park across from the West Side Market and at Willard Park. Volunteers worked to put the best face on Cleveland for the 50,000 visitors for the RNC.

"This is really kind of a focal point for our neighborhood and a great community gathering place. So, it's very important to us that this be a beautiful space for all to enjoy," McNair said.

Ashley, one of those volunteers, had dirty hands from planting so many flowers.

"We'll be putting bulbs in so they'll be color almost year round. We had $1,200 in plants delivered this morning."

The city will plant some 250 trees over the couple of weeks to increase the appeal of the city for all visitors and for those of us who live here.

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