National Gun Violence Awareness Day

National Gun Violence Awareness Day

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed gets updates on shootings and killings in the city from the police on a daily basis. Few are more aware of just how mean the streets of Cleveland are.

"But at the end of the day we're over 40 homicides in the city of Cleveland.  You look at the felonious assaults and at this time last year we were a little over 200. We're well over 4-hundred right now," said Councilman Reed.

By any measure that's lot of pain inflicted on Cleveland. Councilman Reed and others have been working to stop the shootings and killings and the destruction of families.

He's working with groups called Cure Violence and The Peacemakers Alliance hoping to stop the madness.

"We've got a problem of violence in the city of Cleveland. We've got a problem of gun violence in the city of Cleveland and I'm glad that we've finally nitched out a day to say with or without the second amendment right, we've still got a problem of gun violence in the city of Cleveland," Reed said.

Reed says the triggerman's life is ruined, if not lost and that there's a ripple effects that send a stream of pain across the city, "Both families lives are ruined at that particular moment, in the sense that individual will get caught. We catch people at a 60-79-percent chance."

With a record, no job, the mean streets and more gun violence call again.

The person who got shot, they're traumatized, cause getting shot is not a normal occurrence.  You think about the family that had to live in that  neighborhood.

Possible retaliation, more gun violence, more death.

"If  we could focus on not just the homicides, but the felonious assaults with a firearm which is well over 400 right now as you and I speak then you start to see the impact of not just the homicides but the impact of violence as a whole," said Councilman Zack Reed.

Reed is calling for gun violence to be treated, not just as a criminal justice issue, but also as a public health issue as well.

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