County officials give tips to clean green

County officials give tips to clean green

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There are various types of products that can be used to clean, but environment officials warn that some could have serious and harmful effects on you and your family.

Amy Roskelly is the conservation education specialist at the Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District. She says some chemicals in household cleaning products and lawn care products can also be harmful.

"The point is that you're repeatedly exposed to these chemicals whether it's on your house, or out of your house so one exposure to these is not going to take you down or take the environment down or you will get a disease from it, but repeated exposure the accumulative affect can be very harmful for her,"said Roskelly.

Roskelly explains that the district points to 30 common pesticides that have been related to carcinogens, 13 are with birth defects, and 21 with reproductive effects and 15 with neurotoxicity—especially for children and pets.

"They're crawling on the lawn the kids are rolling on the lawn. If you think about kids they still have developing bodies," said Roskelly.

The county is working to educate the public by hosting free workshop classes this summer.

"The first thing you can do is take an inventory when it comes to your house is say what do you have in your house what do you need. And doing some research on the products you're using, and researching them online. You have a weed in your lawn a lot of people use round up which has glyphosate in it which is a carcinogen which causes cancer" said Roskelly.

When it comes to lawns she says educate yourself on what's in yours it by getting the soil tested.

Roskelly describes an easy solution that you can make for your house using vinegar, essential oils and water.

"It's not compromising on clean the vinegar is a good grease cutter, and the oils have antibacterial fungal properties to them so my house is still clean but i can take the chemicals out of there", said Roskelly.

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