Tony Z's Game 1 halftime thoughts

Tony Z's Game 1 halftime thoughts

OAKLAND, CA (WOIO) - *The Cavs insisted this wouldn't be a 3-point shootout, and 24 minutes in, they are correct. They're shooting just 31 percent from the arc through one half of Game 1.

*Missing in action? J.R. Smith, who you remember disappeared during last year's Finals, is off to a slow start in these Finals. 'Swish' didn't take his first shot, a 3-point attempt, until 1:46 remained in the half. He missed.

*LeBron was intent on taking it to the rim early on. All 8 of his first-quarter points came in the paint. But he'll need help, obviously, moving forward.

*He is getting help from Kyrie, who led the Cavs with 13 first-half points. But Irving is just 3 of 12 from the field.

*If you had Leandro Barbosa, who's been buried at the end of the Warriors' bench, outscoring Steph Curry 7-6 in the first half, well, hit a local casino soon. That can't keep up. Then again, the Golden State bench was a huge factor last year, and while it's early, they're already making an impact.

*Reason to be positive, with the Cavs down 9 at the break? They haven't played well, trailed by as many as 14,  and are still within striking distance. Reason to be nervous? Curry hasn't gotten it going yet. Stay tuned...

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