Schwab: Sunday can't come fast enough

Kevin Love talks about needed improvements in Game 2

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - What a hot mess.

Warrior fans would say that Curry and Thompson were held to only 20 combined points and they still won. Shouldn't that mean the Dubs will cruise in Game 2? Maybe.

Cavalier fans would say that the odds of the Cavs' bench getting outscored 45-10 (with Shaun Livingston scoring 20?) is highly unlikely. Shouldn't that mean the Cavs will be in a closer game in Game 2? Maybe.

Both scenarios are unlikely to repeat. I would not be surprised if Game 2 was a much different game because I don't think the Cavaliers will shoot 38 percent from the floor again. It seemed like there was a lid on whatever basket they were shooting at. And I don't just mean jumpers, how many lay ups seemed to roll all over the iron but never touch net? Too many. That's how many.

They did fight like crazy to get back in it. I couldn't believe they actually grabbed a lead in the 3rd quarter. Sure, they gave up a 21-4 run after that, but that one moment it was great!

The Cavaliers went out west needing to only win one of the two games, which is something that every road team that loses the first game of a series tells themselves afterward for comfort. So, don't you feel comforted? I didn't think so. I do know this was a very weird game. You get those sometimes, and when you do it's usually a very poor indicator of what is to follow. I do know that Sunday can't come fast enough.

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