Transgender teen's car vandalized, police investigating

Transgender teen's car vandalized, police investigating

CANTON, OH (WOIO) - The Stark County Sheriff's Department is investigating several incidents of vandalism involving a transgender teen's car including the spray painting of the words, "Grow a," and then a primitive drawing of male genitalia on the back of Donovanne Jocas's car.

Jocas, of Plain Township, says she's been bullied because she is transgender before, but this is one of the worst things someone has done.

"I started representing myself as female this past school year, and so, that's when it started, and it's just been getting worse," said Jocas.

Jocas just graduated from North Canton Hoover High School.

Jocas says before the spray painting incident that happened this past Thursday, she has had eggs thrown at her car, and someone has also hit her car with a bat – all while her vehicle was parked in the driveway of her home.

"I don't like waking into the house late at night. I'm scared I may bump into them as they are coming to do something to my car, and maybe they will hit me with a bat instead of the car," says Jocas.

Jocas's mom says the bullies have boldly tweeted and snapchatted about their vandalism.

Michelle Jocas decided to write her own post on Facebook.

"A message to the cowards, that we got your message.  It's received, but you make us stronger. We will surround Donovanne, and anybody else that you don't accept, because it's wrong.  It's just wrong," said Michelle Jocas.

Jocas has nearly a full scholarship to Oberlin College for the fall.  She's going places, but would like to see someone held responsible for the damage to her car.

"I would like the people responsible directly to be held accountable, and I know the community is behind us, and people agree that needs to happen," added Jocas.

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