Schwab's thoughts on Game 2; Can't blame Blatt anymore

Schwab's thoughts on Game 2; Can't blame Blatt anymore

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - What a disaster. They're coming home 0-2 and it feels like they are down 0-20.

The Cavaliers look like a completely different team when they're playing Golden State. They cannot solve the Warriors defense. They cannot get key role players going. They cannot even execute basics for extended periods of time. How in the world does Golden State end up with 20 uncontested shots in the first half alone?

It is easy to complain about some bad officiating, and it was bad, but if you think that is the only reason the Cavaliers lost, you're kidding yourself. They got their doors blown off. LeBron had seven turnovers, J.R. Smith is MIA and Channing Frye did not score at all. The refs have nothing to do with any of that.

David Blatt is not here to blame anymore. A lack-luster surrounding cast for LeBron is not here to blame anymore. They are supposed to have what it takes to not get blown out by 33 in the NBA Finals. Heck, they played closer games with that rambling-wreck they had in the Finals last year.

The Cavs have to win the next two games at home to even make this a series. They haven't even been able to win two quarters, let alone two games. They're running out of time to figure it out.

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