Cedar Point to reopen after weekend's damaging winds

Cedar Point to reopen after weekend's damaging winds
Cedar Point will not open Monday. (Source: WOIO)
Cedar Point will not open Monday. (Source: WOIO)

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - Several Ohio Edison crews worked throughout the day on the main causeway to Cedar Point in Sandusky, to repair damaged power lines that were mangled during Sunday night's storm.

The causeway is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday along with the park. Cedar Point representatives said there was no damage to the park itself.

All over downtown Sandusky on Monday, crews worked to clean up downed branches and remove what was left of twisted up trees.

Dan Carico was sitting on his porch next to Washington Park Sunday evening, when suddenly the rain and wind got too intense to be outside.

"I went upstairs, closed my windows, about three minutes it got to where it wasn't raining anymore. I came back down and seen all the damage. It happened. In just about three to five minutes, it was over," said Carico.

Carico says the heavy winds and rains came and went so fast, he didn't even hear the trees outside of his window being snapped apart.

"It did all this here. I didn't even hear it or hear any limbs snapping. It was just boom. It was done," added Carico.

Not even 24 hours later, trees limbs and branches were still scattered all over Washington Park.

Only a couple of blocks away, Bob Langenfelder of K&K Interiors says slate was blown right off the roof of the century-old property he manages. Some windows had also been shattered by high winds.

The wind was so strong, a bedroom door had blown shut near where the windows were found in pieces on the floor.

A 50-year-old-plus tree came crashing down in the back yard. Another large branch from another tree fell into the back yard of a house just behind the fence. A child's birthday party was going on at the time where the branch fell, but luckily everyone was okay.

"There was a lot of damage especially around this area," said Langenfelder.

Cedar Point officials say tickets dated for today, June 6, or Sunday, June 5, can be used at any other time during the 2016 season.

Guests who wish to receive a refund on their pre-purchased tickets dated June 6 should click here.

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