City's rec centers to serve as safer haven during summer

City's rec centers to serve as safer haven during summer

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The City of Cleveland's recreation centers are there to serve as a safe, fun place for kids, especially during the summer months. But keeping them secure comes at a price.

The Department of Public Works has plans already in motion for this year and next year to make recreation facilities a secure and safe place to spend the summer.

"There's a lot of fights around here, unnecessarily," said Reginald Kinds.

Shootings have taken place around the Lonnie Burten and Glenville recreation centers.

And at Cudell Recreation Center, police have investigated an attempted robbery and a rape.

"It's actually worse than it was when I was growing up. I think more security would be better," said Billie Hardin.

The community is calling for more security, especially during the summers when they're used more.

"I think it would deter (crime). A lot of violence would be decreased. I'm quite sure of that," said Tracie Lynch.

On Monday, a Cleveland City council committee authorized $600,000 in spending to provide security services at outdoor and indoor recreation facilities.

Through this renewed initiative there will be armed, uniformed officers from noon until 8 at 10 select city pools (Lonnie Burten, Halloran, Ken Johnson, Warsaw, Luke Easter, Neff, Glendale, Forrest Hills, Kerruish Park and James Bell).

"I think in-house security is a definite must, especially when you have a lot of teenage kids here,"said Sonja Kinds.

Thirteen recreation centers will have off-duty officers there four hours of the day. Six of those will have the same security presence year round.

"A metal detector would be good as well. They have them in schools. We have to treat these facilities as we treat the schools," said Kinds.

The Cleveland Police Department will release their safe summer plans this Saturday at Duggan Park.

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