Tickets to Game 3 of the NBA Finals are dropping in price

RAW: Mark Klang of Amazing Tickets talks Cavs ticket price drop

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Game 3 of the NBA Finals have some tickets deals you might want to cash in on.

Wow! We are seeing tickets for the NBA Finals fluctuate right before our eyes.

Two spankings by the Warriors mean before Game 2 was over, ticket prices for Game 3 were already dropping in Cleveland.

"I would estimate a 40 percent drop over the past 24 hours," Mark Klang from said.

Klang tells us on Sunday night at the start of the 4th quarter some of the Cavs season ticket holders started dumping their tickets.

Can you blame them? The Warriors won by 33 points.

The least expensive ticket now for Game 3 here in Cleveland on Wednesday night is a lot more affordable but still not dirt cheap.

"Twenty-four hours ago it was around $425 to $450," Klang said. "Now it's around $275 to $300 a ticket."

You might want to grab your tickets to Game 3 now because Game 4 tickets also here in Cleveland are already 20 percent higher.

You want floor seats for Game 3, a few rows back? That's going to cost you $5,000.

Mark says the game will be a sellout, but could be the cheapest ticket in the seven-game series.

"If they happen to win on Wednesday night I think all is forgotten," Klang said. "I expect prices to not only (rise, but) probably be higher than yesterday. People forget. A series can turn quickly."

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