Cleveland 19 Sports: 5 things Schwab wants for Game 3 of NBA Finals

Richard Jefferson warms up before Game 3

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The easy answers are Kevin Love and a win, but here are five more.

  1. LeBron, get selfish. I know the jumper isn’t what it used to be, so he might be a little more one dimensional than he wants to be. That is still a dimension most players have never come close to having. Dominate. Take over. Rule the day. Be the king. Make this series interesting again.
  2. More from Frye and J.R. Smith is a no-brainer, but it still has to be said. Timofey Mozgov played three times the minutes as Frye did in Game 2. The only one in Cleveland that would applaud that again is Mrs. Mozgov.
  3. Faster recognition of where you need to be. LeBron says they were just a step out of place many times on defense. I swear they looked six steps out of place at times. How ever many it was, close that gap. Be where you need to be so guys in yellow and blue jerseys can stop getting wide-open looks.
  4. Knee jerk timeouts. This could become a problem because they might run out of them! But Ty Lue sometimes has a quick trigger with TO’s anyway. So do it more often if you can. They rip off six in a row? Call one. Five straight? Maybe, depends on the moment. I would be a complete maniac with timeouts, especially in the first half.
  5. Quicken Loans Arena to be a hell hole of sound of fury. Cavs fans need to be in full throat and get that scoreboard some extra gas for the flamethrowers. Make that place deafening house of energy. All for one. One for all. All in 2 16.

Pick your cliché and make it happen.

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