Walking with a beer in CLEs entertainment districts soon to be a reality

Should open-container areas come to Cleveland?

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Walking around with a beer in your hand in downtown Cleveland will soon be a reality.

The East Bank of the Flats could be the first in line to try and snatch up one of two outdoor refreshment district permits that are now being offered by the city.

It means if you are carrying an adult beverage in a plastic cup here near the water you won't get in trouble with the police. It's legal.

Even on a Tuesday night, people like the idea.

Mary Lambert walking her dog on the East Bank of the Flats says, "All this area is so populated and it's new. Everyone wants to come down here. You can sit outside. There's a water taxis. I think it would be perfect."

Zack Baris grabbing dinner with friends on the East Bank adds, "As long as you are zoned in. Keeping it in a central area and people can drink and they are not getting out of hand. I don't see a problem with it."

Another option is over on East 4th Street. It's a good idea and one visitor for Game 3 of the NBA Finals from Texas tells Cleveland 19 News he was attracted to the entertainment district no matter if he can have a beer in his hand when he walks around or not.

Victor Carr says, "I don't think it's going to matter. People are going to come down here for Cleveland. That's why we are here. We can all the way from Austin, Texas for the Game. People are going to be here. Not going to make a difference."

City Council just approved the new legislation but Councilman Michael Polensek wants to make sure police are not the ones making sure people are safe and sound along the water front.

City Councilman Michael Polensek says, "If you want to have the privilege of having drinking out in a street in a defined area then you are going to have to provide security and maybe a liability requirement, insurance liability requirement."

City Council still has to approve an application process to be able to hand out open container permits.

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