Emotional roller coaster of Cavs playoff run can help, hinder fans

Emotional roller coaster of Cavs playoff run can help, hinder fans

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Going into tonight's Cavs game there's quite the mix of emotions among fans: anticipation, excitement, tension and stress! All that can really impact our lives!

Now might be a good time for Cavs fans to just take a deep breath, and take inventory of just how much we're letting this NBA showdown show up in our day-to-day lives.

From "we got this," while watching a game to "uh oh," in a matter of seconds, we know the drill. Today's Walnut Wednesday food truck celebration was packed with fans willing to talk about it.

"I'll tell you it's been rough on the heart," says fan Andrae Hampton.

But Cavaliers fans know how to stick with it for the long haul despite the possible, but known side effects.

"When you are up, you're up, up, up, and we're down two. It's really painful right now," Alana Williams says.

"Really stressful, I think everyone who is a Cavs fan is really stressed out," says Ben Mowrey.

And with that, a warning.

"If you become too invested and take it too personally, then that can become a danger," says university hospitals director of wellness, Dr. Roy Buchinsky.

He agrees there is so much reason to be excited, but adds there's also reason to understand the effect this can have on you, win or lose.

"So you got all those horrible stress hormones that cause all the bad things when you feel a little bit angry, a little bit disengaged," Dr. Buchinsky said.

It's something many admit they are all too familiar with, like Laurel Pilch.

"There are other aspects of my day that are important, but it can bring you down a little bit," Pilch said.

"It is emotional and I admit it's kind a bummer the next day," Patty Kowalic said.

Dr. Buchinsky stresses what's important for a fan's emotional health is to enjoy every moment of it, appreciate how far we've come so far. But more importantly, take stock of what makes you happy outside the game before and after.

"Look at what's important to you in your life whether it's your family, whether it's your job, whether it's your health, your community and put this in perspective that our life is not going to depend on whether we win or lose ultimately."

The doctor adds keep in mind emotional swings can be contagious. Just like happiness goes a long way, despair does too, so you might want to stay clear of those who have an especially tough time with a loss. Good thing we're going to win!

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