Medical marijuana legal in Ohio in 3 months; where to get it?

Medical marijuana legal in Ohio in 3 months

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 News wants to know: Where does Ohio go from here now that medical marijuana is legal?

We tracked down State Representative Steve Huffman at his son's baseball game. He helped sponsor the original bill and knows when medical marijuana will be available to purchase in Ohio.

"In my opinion, if everything works well, I think next summer or next fall of (2017) it would widely available for patients in Ohio," State Rep. Steve Huffman says.

The new law takes effect in 90 days.

If recommended by a doctor you can purchase medical marijuana from other states where it's legal as soon as Sept. 6 and bring it back home.

The state has eight months to create rules for those who grow it.

"It is edible. Oils and whole plant form but no smoking. It can be vaporized... very similar to e-cigarettes," Huffman says.

Keep in mind, your boss can still fire you if you test positive for marijuana, even if a doctor recommends it.

"The patient who testified before us, especially the parents who had children with seizures and MS and veterans with PTSD, it will certainly help them and I hope it sends a message to the FDA and the federal government that we need to reschedule marijuana from a Schedule 1 downward to there can be research and more available in the future," Huffman says.

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