Police investigate pickpocketing at Medina Public Square

Police investigate pickpocketing at Medina Public Square

MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - Police are investigating a series of distraction thefts in the Medina Public Square shopping area.

Three women targeted three stores and stole wallets from store clerks this past Friday, according to police reports.

In one instance, the reports said the trio entered the Interior Design Studio/JK Gift Shop on South Court Street together when one of them asked to use the restroom and another asked to see Fathers Day cards.

Police said the third suspect went behind the counter and went through the store clerk's purse and stole her wallet. The victim told Cleveland 19 News she'd just received her paycheck that day and noticed the wallet was gone when trying to make a deposit.

The stolen wallets and their contents have popped up in use at the Target in Medina and other locations. Medina police say they are still investigating and are not releasing surveillance video at this time.

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