Protective doe's attacks have residents on edge

Protective doe's attacks have residents on edge

MENTOR ON THE LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Cindy Frost loves where she lives, on a normally quiet street bordering Lake Erie in Mentor-on-the-Lake. Problem is, so does a doe with a new baby.

"Every year we have fawns born in the yard," Frost said. "This is the first year a deer has actually attacked me."

Frost has lived in her house on Salada Road for 28 years. She loves nature, but this doe, who showed itself when Cleveland 19 News showed up, is stalking and terrifying her.

"I was afraid for my life," Frost said. "I mean, this deer is so aggressive. It goes up to my bay windows and taunts my dogs. It taunts us on the deck. I'm just afraid. I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own yard."

The aggressive doe and her fawn live in the brush in Cindy's backyard. Whenever Cindy wants to walk her dogs, the doe won't allow it. She had Cindy and her dogs on the run the other day.

"She came from behind me and was within an arm's reach of me," Frost said. "I tried to yell at her to scare her off. She wanted no part of that so I just had to fight her off and I zig-zagged around my property.  She couldn't get a good grip on the ground.  My dogs, I let them loose. They ran for the front door. Meanwhile, I was afraid for my life."

David LaGuardia is Cindy's neighbor. The doe has attacked him and his dog too. He says as soon as his dog comes out, the mommy dearest goes into attack mode.

"This is a golden retriever, got him down on his back and was gabbing at him with her paws and only because I had the power lawnmower that come over and chase her off," LaGuardia said.

Just last night, David's dog got chased up onto his deck. The bottom line is the doe is being a good mom, but she's robbing her human neighbors of their peace and serenity.

"So when there is a fawn, they will do almost anything I think to protect the fawn from being hurt," LaGuarda said. "One option is to have the deer taken down, neither of them wants that to happen, so it's live and let live."

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