NBA Finals gear: Tips to make sure you buy the real stuff

NBA Finals gear: Tips to make sure you buy the real stuff

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 wants to know: How do you tell the difference from Official NBA Finals gear and counterfeit merchandise?

We tracked down our good friend Eric Levin. He's the vice president and senior intellectual property counsel for NBA Properties.

"You should first look to see where your purchasing it," Eric Levin says. "If you're buying it on a street corner it's probably not a licensed product."

During Game 3, arrests were made for fake game tickets and counterfeit T-shirts in Cleveland.

"You want to make sure you are looking for a NBA Hologram Hashtag or sticker like here," Levin says. "You want to make sure you see a licensing information on the product. You can see Adidas and the overall quality."

So what's the hottest selling real NBA finals gear this year? Our swag expert Michelle Gabel, the Assistant Vice President of Global Retail for the NBA breaks it down.

"Hats are the hottest item this year," Gabel says.

Gabel adds the NBA's new On-Court T-shirts are also huge. The players were them on the bench.

Here's some tips:

  • Double check for NBA hologram stickers
  • Check for NBA authorized neck labels too that aren't ripped.
  • Look for overall quality and names like Kyrie are spelled right.

To be ultra safe, go to these spots for Official NBA gear:

"There is Here at the Cavs Store or any Dicks Sporting Store and other mall retailers," Gabel says.

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