5 things to watch for in Game 4 of NBA Finals

5 things to watch for in Game 4 of NBA Finals

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Cavaliers look to tie up the series with the Golden State Warriors Friday night at Quicken Loans Arena. Reporter Mark Schwab has five things the Cavs need to do to "Defend the Land." 

1. Whatever it is they're doing with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, can they keep doing it? The Cavaliers got much more physical with their defense in Game 3 than they had in the first two games. They better keep that up. They just embarrassed the champs. The Warriors will be looking for some get back.

2. The bench needs to do more. Usually if your bench does not score until the fourth quarter you're having some problems. Game 3 didn't work out that way, but they shouldn't try their luck for two in a row like that.

3. LeBron James needs to stop turning it over. Seven in Game 2, five in Game 3. He hates turning it over, especially unforced ones, and he's had a few of those. It's hard to complain about anything James does on the court, but even he gripes when he turns it over.

4. Quick time outs, especially early. It's not likely that the Cavs will go another game without ever trailing, but try to limit the damage. If the Warriors get up by five or six I hope Tyronn Lue calls time, especially in the first half. The Cavs cannot afford to get down double-digits like they did in Game 2 and did as well in the Toronto series.

5. The crowd. They were dynamic in Game 3. A repeat performance is a must. Make it happen, gang!

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