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Baldwin woman charged in death, alleged elder abuse

Angela Butler (Photo: Baldwin County Sheriff's Office) Angela Butler (Photo: Baldwin County Sheriff's Office)

A Rosington woman was arrested on Thursday, June 9, 2016 for neglect and abuse of a disabled friend that was in her care.  The charges came after the victim died and investigators found evidence of what they called severe neglect over a long period of time.

It was inside a trailer home on Pate Rd. in Rosington that investigators with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office say 52 year-old Billie Jo Quintier who had a physical disability was neglected and abused by her friend and caregiver.  The Department of Human Resources (DHR) contacted the Sheriff’s Office after responding to a welfare check.  Quintier was taken to the hospital, but it was too late to save her life.

“She weighed near, around 65 pounds.  She had large bedsores and when I mean large, extremely large, extremely deep bedsores on her body,” explained Major Anthony Lowery with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

Charged with neglect is 52 year-old Angela Butler.  Investigators said Butler and another person were living in Quintier’s home and Butler only called 911 after Quintier became unresponsive.  Prosecutors said the evidence in the case is disturbing.

“When you look at the things and you look at the pictures and facts of this case, it’s bothersome,” said Baldwin County Assistant District Attorney, Teresa Heinz.  “It’s troublesome that someone was allowed to get to such a poor health position.”

The home on Pate Lane is in a quiet country setting where neighbors are some distance away.  For those who heard about what happened, it came as a shock.

“I couldn’t imagine if someone did that to one of my relatives and just abused them and used them and just allowed them to die and not take care of them,” said Joshua White whose mother lives nearby.

The death investigation continues.  An autopsy is being done to determine the extent of injuries and abuse along with cause of death.  Investigators said there could very well be more charges to come.

“We’re looking at anything that Ms. Butler might have done to intentionally abuse our victim and there’s a lot of examples that we could look at…any type of diversion, whether it’s a diversion of funds, diversion of medication…anything that was intended for our victim that was used by our suspect,” Lowery said.

Butler had a bond hearing before a judge Friday morning.  The state asked for and was granted a $20,000 bond that must be secured through a licensed bonding company. 

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