AG DeWine says Orlando attack 'hard to prevent'

AG DeWine says Orlando attack 'hard to prevent'
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. (Source: AP)

Attorney General Mike DeWine said Monday that the Orlando night club shooting is "just a horrible horrible tragedy." The current AG, and former member of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, also said it is very difficult to stop an attack like the one that happened early Sunday morning.  

"It's just almost hard to fathom," said DeWine when asked Monday.  "What those families are going through, and the families not just of those who died but the ones at the's just a horrible horrible tragedy."  

A horrible tragedy, DeWine said, that would be incredibly difficult to prevent 

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - "I guess what's scary is that, you know, this is a home grown guy in a sense, that the FBI interviewed a couple times but apparently never had enough to do anything with him," said DeWine.  "You worry about a lot of things I guess, but these so called lone wolf are out here, who are being influenced by Isis or some other kind of radical interpretation of Islam and they just go off and do their own thing and kill a bunch of people."

Omar Mateen opened fire in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando early Sunday morning, killing 49 people and injured dozens more.  Reports state that Mateen called 911 during his nearly three-hour standoff and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

DeWine said that many places, like Pulse night club, are so called "soft targets."

Soft targets don't have things like metal detectors and barbed wire.

"This is the way we live in a free society. We don't want it not to be free and open but we are certainly very vulnerable," said DeWine.  "This could happen anywhere and it just takes one person who has a mental health problem, or who's inspired by Isis, who hates gays, or all of the above who knows what all was going through this guy's mind."

DeWine said he doesn't think that Sunday's tragedy will impact the safety and security of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

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