The toll tragedies take on first responders

The toll tragedies take on first responders

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The flashing police lights and people coming out of the club are images now embedded in our minds.

For those first called to the scene in Orlando was another disturbing detail.

Cell phones ringing, as people frantically called their loved ones.

Those images and sounds can result into a serious diagnosis that could be life threatening.

"Post traumatic stress disorder. It's also called PTSD has been known for many years. It got identified initially after world war two when people had witnessed carnage," said Dr. Deborah Koricke.

Koricke, a psychologist, says when people witness a severe trauma it could cause severe injury and or death. Reliving the graphic pictures in your mind over and over again.Those thoughts for some first responders she says could start to take over our everyday lives.

"They can feel like they're reliving it all the time or anytime they go to sleep. they can be afraid to go to sleep, and they can be severely depressed sometimes to the point where they can't work,' said Dr. Koricke.

"The images of seeing those dead children still haunts me today," said Lt. Ricky Fetter.

Lt. Ricky Fetter is a member of Parma's SWAT team and provides medical help.

Fetter was one of the first responders to the deadly Cracker Barrel shooting April 2012. He told Cleveland 19 News last year after the San Bernadino shootings in California how his job has become more stressful.

More dangerous, and how he's still dealing with images of the Cracker Barrel shooting.

"When you go out to a call for an active shooter you're really stating to have all these emotions go through you. You know that you're going to have to take care of somebody potentially, but, you're also worried about somebody potentially taking your life, " explained  Lt. Ricky Fetter.

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