LeBron James dominating, Kevin Love disappointing in Game 5 of NBA Finals

LeBron James dominating, Kevin Love disappointing in Game 5 of NBA Finals

OAKLAND, CA (WOIO) - At the half, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are tied 61-61. The Warriors are up in the series 3-1.

* You wanted LeBron James to bring it tonight? He's bringing it by throwing down 25 in the first half. Kyrie Irving has also been phenomenal, with 18 points. The issue once again, though, is ... they need a third scorer.

* J.R. Smith was that guy in the first quarter, throwing down 10. But I don't even remember him taking a shot in the second quarter.

*The biggest disappointment right now is Kevin Love. Two points on four shots. With his nemesis, Draymond Green, at a baseball game across the parking lot. That's ridiculous.

*Speaking of incredible, Klay Thompson was just that for the Warriors, leading the way with 26 points, including 11 straight during one stretch in the second quarter. Most of those were open looks, meaning the Cavs' defense can and must slow him down, but Klay was 8 of 12, including 6 of 8 from the arc.

*The pace is furious, and you wonder if the Cavs can keep this up. Steve Kerr is 6-deep into his bench. Ty Lue, just 3-deep. Channing Frye has yet to play. Tough to argue Lue's rotations right now, because they just racked up 61 points in two quarters, but we saw how they wore down in Game 4. You wonder if the Cavs can keep up this pace.

*If the Cavs CAN keep up this pace, it makes for a wild Game 6 on Thursday night at the "Q". Green will be back, but the Cavaliers will be home, fresh off a season-saving win, and feeding off their crowd. It'd be a great scenario. Stay tuned ... and follow @TonyZ19 on Twitter for live updates during and after the game.