VIDEO: 'Very excited and proud the way we scrapped', Coach Lue on Cavs win

VIDEO: 'Very excited and proud the way we scrapped', Coach Lue on Cavs win

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Warriors fans will want an asterisk next to this one because Green didn't play. We do not care. The boys are coming home to play in front of the faithful to try and get the Finals even.
Let's throw the bouquets first- LeBron and Kyrie were amazing. 41 points each. LeBron hauled in 16 rebounds and seven assists in one of those games that we have been dying to see all series long. The King finally reigned in the Finals.

I loved that he only had two turnovers. He averaged more than six per game in the previous three games. Kyrie's 17-24 from the floor and 5-7 from downtown were just outstanding. Irving rose to the occasion on the biggest stage in one of the hardest buildings to win in. He is so darn good.
Tyronne Lue went with his original starting line up, Love in for Jefferson. He might as well have started a lampshade over Love. Obviously if Irving and James are combining for 82 points there are not going to be many left over for the other guys, but only two points on five shots? That's it? Love played nearly 33 minutes and scored two points to go with three rebounds. THREE REBOUNDS? I'm actually more ticked about that than the two points! If you're not scoring, do something else!

It was nice to see them win a game where the Splash Brothers went off. Thompson and Curry combined for 62 and it didn't even matter.

Game 6 on Thursday at the Q. The fans will be pumped, the Cavs will be steeled and the Warriors, with Draymond Green, will be furious. I can't wait.

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