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Police: Pickpocket snags wallet, attempts to charge thousands

(Source: Westlake police) (Source: Westlake police)

An Avon Lake woman had her wallet stolen from her purse Saturday, and authorities say the pickpocket attempted to charge thousands onto her cards.

The incident took place at Bar Louie in Crocker Park, authorities said.

Later, an attempt to withdraw $1,000 with her debit card was declined three times. An attempt to make charges on her personal American Express card for $6,000 was also declined three times. Two additional attempts to charge a total of $4,078 were declined.

Her American Express business card was successfully used at the Avon Target to buy $4,000 worth of gift cards, however. Police said surveillance video may have captured images of the crooks as they left Target. Those with any information regarding the case should call 440-871-3311.

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