James Jones writes blog post about Kevin Love, attacking the Warriors

James Jones writes blog post about Kevin Love, attacking the Warriors
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - One of Kevin Love's Cleveland Cavalier teammates says the Golden State Warriors have a bead on him.

In a blog post posted to the Cavs' website Thursday, veteran James Jones offered some insight into Love's struggles this series.

"Teams get a read on you, they get a bead on you, they know your spots, they've scouted you. Over a series, they know your strengths and weaknesses," Jones wrote.

Jones said the cure of a lack of rhythm is excess effort -- get out into transition, attack the game and attempt to win every moment.

"When you're a rhythm player, you're accustomed to the ball finding you and the shots being there. But with the different match ups, the different lineups, the way Golden State plays, combined with LeBron and Kyrie having great individual performances, the offense isn't going to be predictable, the offense isn't going to be consistent, based on what they're doing to us and based on how we're trying to attack them," he wrote.

Much of the post refers back to that idea of attacking the Warriors, not waiting around to absorb punches or weather their runs.

"It doesn't matter who you are, star player or not," Jones wrote. "If you're away from the ball, you have to create your own rhythm, you have to create your own momentum."

He said he'd love to see Love get back into that rhythm.

"We feel like he will," he wrote.

Jones said a 6 point, 6 rebound burst could be more valuable in the playoffs than how a 20 point, 10 rebound effort looks on the stat sheet.

The Cavs will play the Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals Thursday night at The Q. It will be the Cavaliers' final home game of the season. If they win, Game 7 will be played Sunday in California.

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